About Us

Our family is honored and excited with the opportunity to serve our Napa Community . We are pleased to be able to open The Berkshire and offer the level of service and quality that we have in our previous operations.

We are also pleased to be part of an excellent group of Residential Care providers in the Napa Area. We recognize that every Assisted Living Home has something different to offer, and we are committed to helping our seniors, and friends and families find the right situation for them. If we are not the right place, we’ll help find the right one. We’re also happy to offer our comprehensive local list of Residential Care Facilties in our area, and a checklist of questions to assist you in your search.

Our rates begin at $1850/ month for a shared room, and $2550 for a private room. We also offer a lower second person rate for a spouse sharing a room. These rates include all meals, snacks, medication management, assistance with personal care, a furnished room, activities, housekeeping and laundry services, and many other special amenities. We have no community fee, and you will find our rates to be comprehensive and reasonable. There are additional fees for higher levels of dementia care, incontinence care, pet care or other specialized needs. We’d be happy to provide more information or a quote for a specific situation.

Lia Miller, Administrator, has been working with seniors for over 25 years. She used to work with HICAP, and the Department of Aging under The State of California. She brings extensive knowledge and experience in senior housing, long term care, and senior health issues. She has degrees in gerontology and Respiratory Therapy, and has been a featured speaker at many senior events and community programs throughout California.

Helmut and Adele Stonawski have owned and operated Residential Care facilities since the early 1970’s throughout California. Their experience includes all aspects of Residential Care operations and management, including the establishment small and large Residential Care Facilities, turnaround operations of previous nursing home buildings; dementia care, and they are both Certified Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) Administrators.

Curt and Anita Semple are establishing The Berkshire with Anita’s parents, Helmut and Adele Stonawski. Anita Semple, MSN, RN, PHN, and a certified RCFE Administrator, brings over 15 years experience of healthcare Administration in hospitals and home care, and also worked as a consultant for hospital management organizations, in addition to teaching nursing for the California State University. Curt Semple, MBA brings extensive experience in finance, management and marketing.